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July 10, 2009

Alexander thinks he’s Encyclopedia Brown.  There’s always a mystery, an investigation, and a “now that’s solved!”

Numerous times a day, John Paul says, “ever a ________ talk?”  Fill the blank in with whatever random thing/object/person/animal that comes to mind.


He must have a mug of hot chocolate to start his day.  There’s always a manly ‘stache to prove he’s had a mug.  If I don’t make it for him he’ll make his own, cold style with agua instead of milk.  He doesn’t say the word water, some Spanish has been instilled in him and he only says agua.  Even aguafall instead of waterfall. 🙂

Penellie is learning to crawl. She can just about get to all fours by herself and rocks.  I can set her on all fours and she’ll rock and rock.  As a result of much time spent rocking and some pool time, she’s exhausted and has been asleep since about 6:30.

Last week we took the boys to the Omaha Zoo, properly known as the Henry Doorly Zoo.


The gorillas were fascinating and this guy seemed to have taken quite an interest in the cute boys in the Boston hats.


We couldn’t leave the lions. John Paul “loves” the lions. They are his best friend. He can roar with them.

goodbyezooNone of wanted to leave, but Penellie was the most vocal about it.  We drove 3 hours north and got there at 9am and didn’t leave until 5pm to drive 3 hours back home.  It was actually a great trip and the kids did very well.


August 10, 2007

For the past two weeks we have been on vacation!  First my sister, brother, and my brother’s girlfriend came into town.  We had a blast playing games, eating, bowling, and hanging out.  I’m so glad that they got to come out and visit for almost a week.  Then we packed the kids up and drove to Dallas for a week.  On the way down we spent the night in Oklahoma City.  The hotel that Jaime was able to book for an incredible government discount was awesome.  It was new and very clean and nice.  Thanks babe for doing that for us!  While in Dallas we spent much time staying cool by playing in water.  Two days we went to water parks.  Another day we went to the Ft. Worth Zoo, rode a train , and took Jaime’s parents out to Blue Mesa Grill for their anniversary.  We got to meet my sister-in-law’s fiance too.  We got back a couple of days ago, but Jaime has taken this week off of work to spend time with us.  We’ve been having a great time relaxing and spending family time together.


March 8, 2007

Last week we left for Savannah, GA.  What an experience the first ever I Remember When convention was!  I learned so much and had a wonderful time meeting so many of the other instructors along with my most favorite life artist ever, Ali Edwards.  John Paul had his very first plane ride and he did exceptionally well. Alexander, the experienced traveler, however, got a little air sick.  I’m not quite sure what it was as it happened shortly before landing in Atlanta and it happened so fast.  I am happy though that the 18 month sweat pants that John Paul had been wearing STILL fit Alexander!  They were short, but had no problem around the waist.  We ate breakfast/lunch (it was only 9:30, but we’d been up since 3:30am) when we got to Atlanta before having to get on the next plane to Savannah.  After lunch, we walked the airport for a while and passed Ben&Jerry’s.  Alexander recognized it as an ice cream joint and had to have some.  He’s so much like his mommy!  😉  I told him if he could continue behaving then before we got on the plane I’d get him some.  So, he was angelic and we had ice cream…chocolate with peanut butter swirls for us and a strawberry lemonade shake dealie for mom.  Alexander had plenty of both.  Our flight to Savannah was boring…I had prayed for that because if we had anything remotely exciting happen I was out of clothes for Alexander.

Upon arriving in Savannah, we found our gracious driver and all of our luggage.  I got the boys’ car seats installed and we were off to the Hilton Savannah Desoto in the Historic district of Savannah.  It was beautiful.

More to come…